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Volarian is a cloud based query management solution for Education, Busy IT Departments, Libraries and Customer Service Desks. Arrange a demo or request a free trial today.

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Volarian is a cloud based query management solution which allows you to gain as much information as possible before answering queries, saving valuable time going back and forth for clarification. Volarian helps users get the right answers from the right people. Queries are routed to staff who possess appropriate subject knowledge so no time is wasted. Users that have logged a query can track its progress and determine its current status. Volarian is suitable for any organisation that wants total control over incoming queries without changing existing habits or workflows.

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Better customer service.

Happy customers, successful business.

Volarian ensures the user experience is a smooth one by routing queries to relevant staff members who possess the skills to answer them. Volarian ensures queries are dealt with in a timely manner ensuring Service Level Agreements are always met, ultimately leading to happy customers and staff.

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You're not alone - If in doubt ask.

Volarian allows you to deal with queries in an efficient manner by asking other people in your organisation for assistance who possess more experience in the subject matter. Volarian offers different levels of user roles all with different attributes. So don't worry you're not alone.

It just works.

No need to start over.

Volarian has been designed to work in any environment without requiring a laborious set up process. Volarian provides web forms, email integration and can be accessed from mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Improve communication. Avoid Complication.

Volarian is a versatile solution which can work in any environment no matter how big or small and is simple to set-up and deploy. In no time at all it can be fielding queries within your organisation, improving communication between people and getting the right answer in the quickest possible time.

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